A fiber mill specializing in custom processing of high-end natural fibers, we process alpaca and other natural fibers into batts, roving, felted sheets, and core spun yarns.

What We Do

The Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas provides fiber production services for those who love working with natural fibers. As a mini mill we can handle small quantities and provide personal service to create a quality finished product. We love working with fiber artists and are happy to customize our process to meet your fiber needs.

Services Offered

From batts to rovings and hand-dyed yarns the new Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas can process your fiber in a variety of formats to meet your needs.

We craft 5 different products:

  • Roving Roving is a long narrow bundle of fiber processed to a degree that is ready to be spun (or felted) into yarn. It is primarily used by spinners, felters and fiber artists. The process of making roving includes picking, conditioning, and carding.
  • Batts Fleece batts are made on a drum carder that produces blanket-like sheets of fibers. Batts are used for felters, fiber artists and also spinners. Batts can also be used for needle felting machines. Batts are often used for quilting and for insulating. The process of making batts includes picking, conditioning and carding.
  • Rug Yarn – Rug yarn is tightly core spun and can be used to make rugs as well as other home decor items.
  • Popcorn Yarn – Popcorn yarn is core spun, bulky stylish yarn created from the best fiber. Incredibly soft to the touch, it can be knitted, crocheted, or woven into blankets, scarves, cowls or hone decor items.
  • Felted Sheets – A felting machine is a piece of equipment used to fuse fibers from one fabric into another, base cloth. The many needles it uses speed up the extremely time-consuming process of felting by hand. The appliance is usually comparable in size to a standard sewing machine.

We provide the following services:

  • Sorting – If you have fleeces that have been sitting around and you need to have them sorted before you send them to another mill, we can do that for you. We can sort, wash, and bale your fleeces for you to send to a commercial mill.
  • Skirting – Fleece skirting is the first part of the fleece preparation process. We remove debris and foreign matter that will reduce the quality of the over-all product.
  • Washing – Washing is the next step, and is often the most important step to quality products because clean fibers mean high-quality end-products.
  • Dyeing – Dyeing is an art and we are proud to have Holly Jacobs on hand as our resident fiber artist. The colors she has been creating are gorgeous. Dyeing is not always perfectly predictable, but this also allows for some wonderful results.
  • Fleece Preparation – Show fleeces can make your reputation. Preparing them well for maximum scoring takes skill and practice. Put our team to work on your best fleeces. Our fleece preparation clients have gone on to do great in the shows!


Sorting + Skirting $25/hour
Sorting and grading fiber helps to ensure a quality end product.
Washing $4/pound
Vital step to cleanse fibers for further processing
Dyeing $10/pound
We use Dharma and Cushing dyes to create custom one of a kind results
Rug Yarn $16/pound
Core spun, bulky yarn for weaving, knitting, or crocheting into rugs and other durable items
Roving $12/pound
Prime fiber creates roving suitable for hand spinning to yarn, less than prime fiber can be used to create roving for needle felting and other craft projects
Batts $12/pound
Batts can be used in FeltLOOM machines or can be wet felted, or used by spinners or crafters.
Popcorn Yarn $0.50/yard
Core spun using the best fiber creating a soft bulky yarn for knitting, crocheting, or weaving
Felted Sheets $24/pound or $1.50/ounce
Useful for crafts, clothing, and a variety of decor items
Blending $2/pound
Combine different fibers for unique finished product

The Handy Work of Rosehaven Alpacas
As our knowledge of the natural fiber process has grown, we were able to start yet another venture here in Sullivan county. We put hand-knitters to work – and are always looking to hire more. It’s something they can do from their homes and not have to travel to work. It’s great for retired men and women and great for new moms or moms with school age kids.

What Makes Us Different?

Our small size allows us to provide a truly personal touch to each client. Our Mill Manager, Holly Jacobs and her staff, have extensive experience with a broad variety of natural fibers and are committed to ensuring that each finished product that leaves the Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas showcases your fiber in the best way possible.

Contact Us

Holly Jacobs — Mill Manager
2027 State Route 17B
Bethel, NY 12720
Phone: 845-583-3170
Cell: 607-206-1228

 Our Yarn Colors

We can dye yarn to different colors; here are some of our favorites!